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Even if your dog bite injury was a small one, chances are that you've still been getting medical bills or had to take off work to get the proper care after you've been bit by a dog. You may be wondering if you could take your Missouri dog bite lawsuit in front of a judge and get a verdict or settlement in your favor.

Having an experienced Missouri dog bite attorney to help you with your dog bite lawsuit is one of the smartest decisions you can make if you have been bit by a dog. The Missouri Injury Law Firm is ready to talk with you about your case and discuss the best course of action to take. Contact us today or give us a call at (636) 333-1717.

Filing a Dog Bite Lawsuit in Missouri

Here in Missouri, dog bite lawsuits operate have operated under the principle of strict liability since 2009. Previously, dog bite law in Missouri was based on the "one bite" principle, where dog owners had to prove that their dog had a history of aggressive behavior if they were sued for a dog bite. This made it tough for dog bite victims to win a lawsuit, since they had to show evidence that the dog was vicious in order to get compensated for their medical bills. But with the law change, the burden of proof is not only changed from victim to owner, it is much lower--no matter whether a dog has shown any signs of aggression before, its owner is held liable unless they can prove that the dog was provoked.

Will My Dog Bite Lawsuit Go To Trial?

If your dog bite injury was a minor one, chances are your dog bite lawsuit will not see the inside of a courtroom. Studies have shown that the vast majority of dog bite lawsuits are settled between the two parties and their insurance companies. This is primarily because most homeowners' or renters' insurance policies include coverage if the policy holder is either bit by a pet or is the owner of a pet who causes injury to another. Dog bites are covered under the "personal liability" section of these insurance plans, so it is best to review this section of your insurance for further details.

Even though insurance may cover most or all of your medical bills, you could still end up going to court due to other reasons. Maybe the facts of your dog bite lawsuit mean that it is likely you may be in line for punitive damages against the dog's owner, or one or both insurance companies is not paying you the money you are entitled to. Every dog bite lawsuit is unique, and thus what works best for someone else may not be the best course of action for your dog bite lawsuit.

Contact A Top St. Louis Dog Bite Lawyer

Whether your dog bite lawsuit is settled or does go to trial, you should count on a St. Louis dog bite injury attorney to assist you every step of the way. Gene Hou of the Missouri Injury Law Firm has experience working for major insurance firms, and now is working for clients all around Missouri. He knows all about how insurance companies operate, all the tricks they use at trial, and thus can fight for the maximum recovery for your personal-injury case.

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